Counter Flow Cooling Tower

In a counter flow-cooling tower, the direction of the induced air is opposite to that of the water flow. Air is drawn into an open area just below the fill media, which then moves vertically upwards.

The water then passes through the fill media, which increases the contact area, as well as the contact time between air and water which increases heat transfer.

Material of Construction

  • RCC

    NSCT is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the RCC Cooling Towers, RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Cooling Towers...

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  • Timber

    NSCT offers a wide range of Timber Cooling Towers both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design with an excellent quality of splash...

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  • FRP/Pultruded FRP

    The time saved in the construction of an industrial Cooling Tower plays a crucial role in making the whole project economical...

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