Air Cooled Condenser (ACC)

The air cooled condensers use air as a fluid for cooling purpose.

Air cooled condensers eliminates the need for large volumes of water to do the cooling. The direct dry cooling option condenses the process fluid inside finned tubes, which are externally cooled by ambient air instead of sea or river water.

There are two options for circulating the ambient air for condensate cooling, either use fans to move the air or natural draft. Air Cooled Condensers are flexible and customized in A-frame or V-frame configuration. The finned tube bundles constitute the heart of an Air Cooled Condenser.

Benefits of dry cooling over conventional wet cooling are following:

1. Energy efficient.

2. Low maintenance.

3. Eliminate the use of water.

4. long life operation.

5. Cost effective solution.

In the arid regions where water is scarce or in the countries where stringent environmental legislation does not allow the use of water, dry Cooling becomes the smart choice.

For further information and specifications please refer to our ACC-ACHEĀ Catalogue